About Us

National Federation of Irrigation Water User's Association, Nepal (NFIWUAN) is a national level organization which is formed by the representatives of the Water User's Associations (WUA's) throughout the country for the welfare and betterment of WUA's.

Issue of Irrigation Sector

NFIWUAN is an organized institution of the farmers, which have been playing very important role in social and economical progress of the nation. It has extended its role to obtained agricultural facilities to the farmers & their empowerment development for sustainable development by making the polices according to the suggestion from the consumers and applying it for the development of targeted communities. It has also continued its role for proper use of the water heritage & Proper preservation of present irrigation facilities & in the research of possible resources & their development. it is established in 2055B.S. is scattered among the 2200users groups & 68 district committee.

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Objectives of NFIWUAN

- To develop leadership among water users through functional coordination between concerned agencies of HMG/N for the development of irrigated agricultural system and water users.
- To establish dialogue, exchange of information and cooperation among WUAs. GOs, NGOs, concerned with irrigation and agriculture.

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